Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How do I make money on YouTube-my next destination: 10 dollars per day

Hello, visitors, it looks that you are interested in earning money on YouTube, I will show you my experience of making money online by sharing videos on YouTube, I am sure that you will find this article is useful.

Theses are what you will read to know:

  • Can I really make money online with my YouTube account
  • How much money I can earn on YouTube
  • The story of how do I make money by sharing videos on YouTube-my experience

Can I really make money on YouTube?
There are many people are doing their personal businesses of making money on the internet, by writing articles on websites, sharing videos on YouTube or Vimeo, recommending affiliated products reviews, some of them become very rich from the contents they create and share on the web. Back to this article that yes, you or we also can make money by sharing videos on YouTube.

Why I recommend YouTube when we are talking monetizing from contents online?
Because when you have some useful or interesting videos, give them proper names, you will find that these videos are ranking better places in Google search pages, at the same time, Google is the number 1 search engine in the world, which means it can drive rather much traffic to your these YouTube videos, web traffic means you can monetize from your YouTube videos. on the other hand, is one of the largest video sharing platforms(they are Huli, Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo), there are A LOT OF people are watching videos on YouTube EVERY DAY, they will SHARING YOUR INTERESTING OR USEFUL VIDEOS through their social accounts such as Twitter Facebook Pinterest, which also will drive rather much traffic to your YouTube videos, gradually, you will find your YouTube subscribers are growing day by day, and again, my dear visitors, that WEB TRAFFIC MEANS MONEY.

How much money can I earn from my YouTube videos?
There are many factors behind how much money you can earn from YouTube videos, such as traffic views(watching views), the quality of your video-is it rather interesting or useful, which countries your most audiences are from-Canada, Switzerland or India?
Most people are earning 0-10 dollars per month on YouTube, while the top winners are getting more than 10, 100, even 1000 dollars from their videos-their YouTube videos are making money for them every hour, every day, every month and every year, even every second. As to me, I am on the way, my next destination is 10 dollars per day, then the next next destination is 1000 dollars per month.

My experience of making money from videos on YouTube
I knew that people can earn money on the Internet when I firstly contacted computer in the college age, but most time, I put my attentions on writing on websites not videos on YouTube, which is not my style, videos on YouTube is.
until when I shared some videos on YouTube and connected my YouTube account to my Adsense account, I found I could have some cents everyday and the earning numbers are growing! so I find my new continent-my feelings at the first time when I saw my YouTube earnings should not be different from Columbo's when he firstly saw the American continent in the boundless sea.
So I put more energy on creating useful or interesting videos and sharing them with my audiences on YouTube, now I really do earn more than 100 dollars every month, by the way, and one of my YouTube channel has more than 1000 subscribers, which is cool.

How to make money by sharing videos on YouTube?
About this question, I decide to make my answer clear and simple:

  • Create YOUR interesting or useful videos, and share them on YouTube with nice names, at the same time, do not forget to add content and tags for YOUR videos, which will help your YouTube videos rank a better place, these are what you should do. Do not copy videos of the others, and do not do much on SEO(Search Engine Optimization), YouTube itself and Google will do it for you, you do your best, Google will do the rest for YOU.
  • Then when your YouTube channel has some stable watching views or when YouTube send to you a email showing that you can monetize your YouTube videos, go to register your Adsense account with the link of your YouTube channel.
  • After your Adsense account got approved, connect it to your YouTube channel.
  • That's what you should do, and let Google do the rest for you.

If you have something to say, do not hesitate to drop a comment, I will try to answer your questions and update them in my article.

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