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Hello to you, visitors, If you want to give your vote of the poll about who will be the final champion winner of the top 6 singers of Sing! China 2016, please come to this page!

Do you love watching The Voice of China(The Voice TV series)?

  • 94% Yes, I like it very much!
  • 6% No.
571 people have voted in this poll.

The Voice of China 2016, Season 5

A short introduction: Hello, everyone to this post, this post is mainly and primarily about the voice of china, it is a web place all and only about the voice of china in year 2016, 2015 and 2014, for English speakers who love this excellent music TV show series.

1 what is the voice of china?
Now its English name is Sing! China and its Chinese name is 中国新歌声(which means China's new song). The Voice of China is a famous Chinese talent music TV show, which is one of the voice series(based on Dutch program The Voice of Holland). The voice of China series are Very popular and welcomed by the audiences in the Chinese culture, such as in China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam...,even Europe, USA and Canada. That is say the audiences of the voice of china are from all every corner of the world.
2 why people love the voice of china series?
Simply, the voice of china's success is based on its famous business mode-blind audition-the singers will sing some famous and classic old songs and the coach-stars listen to the songs with their chair back to the singers.
The series consists of three phases: a blind audition, a battle phase, and live performance shows.
3 when will the voice of china season 5 in year 2016 begin to play on TV?
According to news, the voice of china season 5 will begin to be broadcast on the Friday night of July 17, 2016.
4 where to watch the voice of china season 5?
you can watch the voice of china 2016 on Internet, such as:
(a videos platform by Tencent-which is one of China's largest and most used Internet service portals,qq video is a online partnership with the voice of china team.)
or, you can watch the voice of china 2016 at YouTube by searching "the voice of china season 5+2016".

the final champion winners of the voice of china TV-show series:
season 1, 2012, liang-bo, rock country music is his style;
season 2, 2013, li-qi;
season 3, zhang bi-chen, beautiful girl;
season 4, zhang lei.
what need to say is that na ying attended every season, and 3 in 4 of the final winners are from her team!!!
because this post now is too long, but it seems that hubpages do not want me to add another outside-page(write this with my iphone,) so just visit this special part to know something about the voice of china 2016.
Note: The following is the year 2015 part of the voice of china, there are some nice polls, you are welcomed to read on if you are interested.

Which team will be the final champion-winner-team of the voice of china season 4 in year 2015?


  • 36% Na ying team
  • 14% Wang feng team
  • 37% Jack Zhou jie lun team
  • 13% Harlem Yu cheng qing
203 people have voted in this poll.
Last night, the voice of china season 4 had hold in Beijing National Stadium, the result is amazing that Zhang lei from na ying team won this year's champion, foucus on ballad, Zhang lei's voice is so beautiful that he won the votes from most audience. Na ying had attended the voice of china series as the coach for 4 times, and her team have 3 champion winner: liang bo of season 1, zhang bi chen of season 3 and zhang lei of season 4, hmmmmmm, this is unbelievable...
by the way, among these 3 champion winner of na ying team, which one do you like most?

Liang Bo, Zhang Bi Chen or Zhang Lei?


  • 7% liang bo---final champion winner of year 2012
  • 61% zhang bi chen---final champion winner of year 2014
  • 32% zhang lei---final champion winner of year 2015
87 people have voted in this poll.

Hmmm, who is the final winner in your heart?

although the result can not change, still you have your vote here...

  • 26% Chen zhi tong 陈梓童
  • 32% zhang lei 张磊
  • 6% li an 李安
  • 24% bei bei 贝贝
  • 12% Tan xuan yuan 谭轩辕
97 people have voted in this poll.
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The following is the real-time-update of the voice of china season 3 and season 4, if you are interested to read, you are welcome! :)

Summary before you read: Hello, friends who love singing, this is an introduction to the brilliant top four contestants of The Voice of China in year 2014 and 2015.
Year 2014, Season 3: Wang Feng, Na Ying, Yang Kun and Chyi Chin teams. Final Winner champion Zhang Bichen and Final Contestants.
Year 2015, Season 4: Jay Zhou, Harlem Yu, Na ying and Wang feng four teams,who will be the final winner?
A Short Introduction to The Voice of China:
First of all, Have you ever heard of The Voice? The Voice of China is a very popular reality television talent show in China, which is based on the famous The Voicemodel. This model's format is special because they conduct blind auditions. All four coaches listen to the songs in chairs facing opposite the stage during the beginning. This way, they judge the singers only from their voices and not their appearances.
The simple explanation about the model of the voice of China is that new singers who are not popular sing old songs which are popularly known by people.

Season 4 of the voice of China in year 2015:

The result of the four coaches of The Voice of China season 4 year 2015 already came out, they are Jay Zhou, Harlem Yu, Na ying and Wang Feng. By the way, our prediction is right, both Na ying and Wang Feng will come back! Thanks to the friends who gave their votes to the poll "which coaches will you want to see again in season 4"!
The voice of China-the vote from you, thanks!
It seems that Jay Zhou Jie lun is the most welcomed coach by the audience from all over the world.

Which team will you like best in the voice of China season 4 of year 2015?

  • 46% Jay Zhou(周杰伦)
  • 9% Harlem Yu(庾澄庆)
  • 28% Na ying(那英)
  • 16% Wang feng(汪峰)
551 people have voted in this poll.

The Voice of China Coaches by Season and Place of Origin

(click column header to sort results)
Season 1  
Season 2  
Season 3  
Place of Origin  
Season 4  
Yang Kun (杨坤)
Yang Kun (杨坤)
Inner Mongolia
Na Ying(那英)
Na Ying(那英)
Na Ying(那英)
Na Ying(那英)
Harlem Yu Chengqing (庾澄庆)
Harlem Yu Chengqing (庾澄庆)
Harlem Yu Chengqing (庾澄庆)
Liu Huan(刘欢)
Wang Feng(汪峰)
Wang Feng(汪峰)
Wang Feng(汪峰)
Zhang Hui Mei(张惠妹)
Chyi Chin(齐秦)
Jay Zhou Jie-lun(周杰伦)

Prediction Part of The Voice of China Season 4, 2015

Latest news: the broadcast time of the voice of China season 4 will be July 10th of year 2015.
When there will be the TV shows of The Voice of China Season 4? *According to the news, the time of Season 4 of VOC will be 2015 June or July.
What should I do if I want to take part in the Voice of China season 4? Prepare something about you and your songs, then send your information to the team by email (voicechina2015@126.com, I am not sure if it is right or not, I know it from the Internet, but I do hope this will help the people who need it).
Who will be the four coaches of the new Season 4 the Voice of China 2015 year? *The team of The Voice of China told at the conference that Jia Duo Bao will continue sponsoring the new Season 4 the Voice of China in 2015, the 2014 winner beautiful Zhang Bi chen will act as the Staring of the advertising film. And the team had already sent the coache-invitations to Jacky Cheung, Jonathan Lee, Leehom Wang, Jay Chou, will they come as the coaches of the new Season 4 the Voice of China 2015 year.
Will Na ying still stay as the coach/judge of the Voice of China season 4 in year 2015 *According to the lastest entertainment news, Na ying probably will again stay as the coach of VOC 4 ^^ Is this good or not? According to one poll of this article, Na ying is the most welcomed coache the audiences all over the world want to see again in the Voice of China Season 4 in year 2015.
The introductions of the four coach of the voice of China season 4:
Jay Zhou: Zhou jie lun, 周杰伦 in Chinese, famous Chinese singer from Taiwan, in 2015 January, the Voice of China announced that Jay Zhou will be the first coach of season 4, Jay Zhou becomes to be the youngest coach of the Voice of China series.
Harlem Yu(庾澄庆Yu Cheng-qing), Na ying(那英) and Wang feng(汪峰) all had took part in the voice series.
Note: The following is the year 2015 part of the voice of china

The Updates of The Voice of China Season 3, 2014

In Season 3, the four coaches/judges were Wang Feng, who is a famous Chinese rock singer, Na Ying, Yang Kun, and Chyi Chin. The coaches each chose a team of singers with whom to compete. I like to watch The Voice of China very much, and here in this article, I am going to share Wang Feng's top four contestants, as well as the brilliant top contestant of each of the other coaches in season 3.
Do you love singing and listening to Chinese songs? If you do, then I am sure that you will like to watch The Voice of China.
As this poll shows that we had successfully predicted that K POP girl Zhang Bi Chen is the final winner of the voice of China season 3 in year 2014! The result of the poll is the same with the result of The Voice of China! Thanks the lovely visitors who gave their votes ^^
Back before the winner was announced, I asked you to vote for who you thought would win The Voice of China, Season 3: Zhang Bi Chen from Na Ying's team, Parhat from Wang Feng's team, Qin Yuzi from Chyi Chin's team, or Yu Feng from Yang Kun's team?
296 people voted here, and 56% of you voted for Zhang Bi Chen of Na Ying's team.
You were right! The beautiful Zhang Bi Chen of Na Ying's team is the final champion winner of The Voice of China, Season 3. Congratulations to her and to all of you who voted for her. Below, I will share some background information with you on our champion, as well as the other final contestants.
These are the 3 polls about The Voice of China season 3 of year 2014:

Who will be the final champion winner of the voice of China season 3 2014?

Vote for your answer!

  • 60% Zhang bi chen(张碧晨)
  • 29% Parhat(帕尔哈提)
  • 3% Qin yu zi(秦宇子)
  • 7% Yu feng(余枫)
296 people have voted in this poll.
This poll is now closed to voting.

Which team do you like best in the voice of China season 3 2014?

  • 28% Wang feng team
  • 56% Na ying team
  • 10% Yang kun team
  • 7% Qi qin team
428 people have voted in this poll.

Which coaches will you want to see again as the team leader in the Voice of China Season 4?

Vote for your voice!

  • 10% Yang kun
  • 44% Na ying
  • 20% Wang feng
  • 10% Yu cheng qing(Harlem Yu)
  • 10% Zhang hui mei
  • 1% Liu huan
  • 6% Qi qin
176 people have voted in this poll.
This poll is now closed to voting.

Final Contestants by Coach in The Voice of China 2014

Wang Feng's Team
Na Ying's Team
Yang Kun's Team
Chyi Chin's Team
Parhat (2nd place)
Zhang Bichen (1st Place)
Yu Feng (3rd Place)
Qin Yuzi (4th Place)
Wang Kaiqi
Chen Bing
Melody Chen Yongxin
Wei Ran
Geng Sihan
Li Jiage
Li Wenqi
Zhangzhuo Hanwei
Li Qi
Liu Mingxiang
Xu Jianqiu
Li Shuangshuang
Na Ying's Team Champion: Zhang Bichen. Zhang Bichen (张碧晨) is a 25 year old singer from the city of Tianjin. Before taking part in the Voice of China, she was learning singing in South Korea, where she belongs to a girl group called Sunny Days. She sang the song "She Says" (她说) in the second round of blind auditions, and won the entire competition with the song "Where Does the Time Go?" (时间都去哪儿了).
Wang Feng's Team Champion: Parhat Halik.
Parhat Halik (帕尔哈提) is a 32-year-old from the Urumqi in Xinjiang Province of China, he belongs to the Uyghur ethnic minority. In 2005, he formed a band named Qetiq which means "sour milk".
In the blind audition of The Voice of China 2014, Parhat sang the song "How Can You Make Me Cry?" (你怎么舍得我难过), which was an absolute auditory feast. After watching The Voice of China, I found that I like the musical style of Parhat Halik very much.
How Can You Make Me Cry?
I miss you day by day,
Lonely me, still do not change,
When will the beautiful dreams come true?
Dear, I really want to see you again.
The gust of autumn wind is blowing,
Making me remember this time of last year,
What are you thinking about after all?
Why leave me with such an ending?
It is you who I love most,
How can you make me cry?
Leave me without a word when I really need you.
It is me who loves you most.
How can you make me cry?
I have done so much, but you are still not touched...
Yang Kun's Team Champion: Yu Feng. Yu Feng (余枫) is a 22 year old from the Hubei province of China. He gave up an opportunity to study in the USA because of his love for singing, and went on to come in third place in season 3 of The Voice of China. His song for the blind auditions was "How Many Loves Can Be Repeated?" (有多少爱可以重来) and his song in the finals was "Treasure" by Bruno Mars.
Chi Chyin's Team Champion: Qin Yuzi. Qin Yuzi (秦宇子) is a 26-year-old Chinese-American girl from the USA, and belongs to the Zhuang ethnic minority. She is a very hot girl, and a great dancer! She sang the song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" for her blind audition, and she won her team championship singing Beyonce's song "Crazy in Love."

Other Finalists by Team

Wang Feng's Team: Li Qi. Li Qi (李琪) is a 24-year-old singer from Luoyang in Henan province. In the blind auditions of The Voice of China 2014, she sang the song "Don’t Leave Me if You Really Love Me(爱我别走)" .
Don’t Leave Me if You Really Love Me
Until now, still I am the same heart,
The loneliness of night can easily make me sad,
I dare not to think too much,
Because I am lonely,
The oncoming moonlights lengthen my shadow,
I aimlessly walk in the cold street,
I have no news of you,
I really miss you.
Don’t leave me if you really love me,
If you say that you don't love me,
Do not want to hear you say it out,
Give me a little tenderness...
Wang Feng's Team: Geng Sihan. Geng Sihan (耿斯汉) is a 21-year-old college student from Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province, China. In the third round of blind auditions, he sang the song "Orphans of the Beautiful World" (美丽世界的孤儿), a song written and sung originally by his teacher, Wang Feng.
Wang Feng's Team: Wang Kaiqi. Wang Kaiqi(王凯琪), 21 years old, student. a 21-year-old student from Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province. She performed the song "Make Life Difficult" (過不去) in Round 4 of the blind auditions.
Yang Kun's Team: Melody Chen Yongxin. Melody Chen Yongxin (陈永馨) is a 21-year-old college student from Malaysia who loves singing. She came in second on Yang Kun's team, singing the song "Things You Don't Know" (你不知道的事) in her blind audition, and the song "The Prayer" in her final battle against Yu Feng. I like her very much, especially her soft singing style. She is beautiful as well as talented.
Chyi Chin's Team: Zheng Xinci. Zheng Xinci (郑心慈) is from the city of Taipei in Taiwan. She is just 16 years old. Her coach, Chyi Chin, who is also Taiwanese, liked her so much that he gave her a guitar as a gift. She sang the song "Match Heaven" (火柴天堂) in her blind audition.
Reasons to Expect a New Season of The Voice of China in 2015:
Reason 1: Millions of people all over the world are paying close attention to this musical feast for the eyes and ears, not just in the mainland of China, but also in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and Canada.
Reason 2: The makers of The Voice of China have made millions from advertisements, so they are unlikely to stop this great opportunity to go on making more money. The Voice of China has made more than two hundred million RenMinBi (RMB, which is Chinese currency) from every season. One 15 second ad is worth up to 500 thousand RMB. *note: 1 dollar is around 6 RMB.
Reason 3: The Voice of China has become a successful business model with a fresh take: the blind audition. With this successful business model, The Voice of China should continue for many seasons.
Below, I have listed all the people who have coached for The Voice of China. Which ones would you like to see again in 2015?

Beautiful winner Zhang bichen in year 2014

25-year-old girl Zhang bi chen(张碧晨) is the final crowning champion winner of the Voice of China season 3, 2014 year.
25-year-old girl Zhang bi chen(张碧晨) is the final crowning champion winner of the Voice of China season 3, 2014 year.

What are your thoughts?

Wow, what a show! Who is the contestant singer you prefer most? Did I miss a singer you love, and are you dying to tell the world about it? Share it all in the comments!
Again, my friends, if you like singing or listening to Chinese songs, then I am sure you will love this popular talent show The Voice of China.
Personally, I enjoy the singing style of Parhat of Wang Feng's team, Chen Yongxin of Yang Kun's team, Li Jia Ge of Na Ying's team and Zheng Xinci of Chyi Chin's team. Which singers do you like? Share their name and the reasons in the comments!
At last, I hope you will enjoy the Voice of China shows, you are always welcome. By the way, The Voice of China is one of the 3 most popular talent music TV shows in China, the other two are Sing My Song of China
 and I am a Singer

Which Chinese talent music shows do you like best?

  • 88% The Voice of China
  • 9% I am a Singer
  • 3% Sing My Song
147 people have voted in this poll.

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