Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The web places of my making money online 2017

I am planning to share the web places where I make money online with you, and show you the proofs of the payments I received. I will keep this article be updated.

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The websites of my earning online:
1, YouTube. I make some easy money from the videos I share at YouTube channel, the highest earning is about more than 30 US dollars. But now my account was already disabled.
YouTube payments from Google
 Because of some policies of Google, I do not show you the earning photo.

2, HubPages.
I have been at HubPages for more than 3 years, HubPages pays via PayPal when your earning is more than $50, I have received about 3 times.
It seems that writing at HubPages is not easy because it is not easy for me to publish my articles at HubPages.
If you are good at writing long contents and speak English fluently, HubPages is a good place.
The proof of my HubPages earning via Paypal

3, Steemit.
Steemit is something like Bitcoin, you can make money by writing at Steemit, when people upvote your content, you earn something.

Here to read how to withdraw Steemit into USD via Paypal.
Steemit earning via PayPal after selling it at VirWox

4, Mylot.
You can not make a big money at Mylot, I received my first $5 payment after 1 years.
MyLot sent me $5 via PayPal

5, Bubblews.
I did make some money at Bubblews, but now it was shut down, I miss Bubblews.
Bubblews now was shut down

6, Adsense.
Actually, I only earn very little form it, not more than 1 dollar. If you have traffic of your web content, you can have a try.

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