Saturday, July 22, 2017

About blackpaperxyz

使用须知:由于主观的原因(比如 懒 等)、客观的原因(非我的原因)等,本网站不对本网站外的内容做保证,甚至也不能保证本网站提供之信息的及时有效等,望理解。简而言之:作为信息的收集方,你自己做判断。

blackpaperxyz (this site) was created to share something useful, at the same time, I take it as my personal online notebook.

I write in two languages-both English and Chinese.

The most popular article of blackpaperxyz is 2017 free shadowsocks accounts.

What I write about? I publish anything I think it is useful for me and the readers. Sometimes, I will share some photos I take.

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