Saturday, July 22, 2017

Make Money by Writing Articles at Steemit-Introduction under My Experience

***This article is under construction.

I have earned some money by writing at a new platform named Steemit, and I'd liked to share something about it with you-my readers.

How much money can I earned at Steemit?
there are many people have earned a lot at steemit, most people earn less, but you can earn money, more or less.

What is Steemit? Steem, SBD, Steem Power
steemit is a social platform built on the blockchain, similar as reddit, twitter or facebook, the difference is user at steemit can earn money~the digital currencies: steem and sbd.
steem power is something show people how rich you are, the more steem powers you have, the more rights you have, the richer you are.


How to register? How to publish posts?

How to withdraw money from Steemit?---How to withdraw the money you earn at Steemit into USD in your PayPal or bank card?

this will be the english edition, i also plan to write its cn edition, just looking forward to it.

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