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Make Money at Steemit 文章 赚钱+ PayPal + Payoneer to earn 25 USD rewards~赚取payoneer美国visa银行卡 25美元的奖励

I am so tired in order to write this post, hope it will give you some helps. 为了写这篇文章,真的好累,希望它能起点作用
Two methods to make money 赚钱的方法有两种:
1. Writing at Steemit 在Steemit上写文章赚钱,这个是前提和基础
2. Register Payoneer via my referral to earn bonus 注册payoneer美国银行卡以赚取奖励金

Steemit + PayPal + Payoneer
The strategy to earn $ 25 from Payoneer 从payoneer赚取25美元的策略
***this article is written in two languages-English and Chinese, just skip the one you do not know. 本文有两种语言文字,大可跳过你不认识的文字。

Tools introduction 工具介绍:

  • Steemit is a new social platform such as facebook and twitter, the big difference is you can make digital currencies named as Steem and SBD by writing articles. Here to know more about making money at Steemit ///Steemit是一个新的社交媒体平台,在这里,用户可以通过写作文章赚钱~赚取加密数字货币Steem和SBD。
  • PayPal is a popular online payment tool.
  • provides USA bank card no matter you are a citizen of the United States or not, which only charge 1-2% withdraw fees. Payoneer提供美国银行卡服务,不管你是不是美国人都可以申请, 如果你不用实体卡,它只收取1-2%的提现费。
Register your Payoneer Credit Card via my referral link, then when your Payoneer received $ 100+, both you and me EACH will get 25 USD from Payoneer as a reward.

The strategy is:

  • Prepare your PayPal account, and certify it. 准备好你的paypal,并且实名认证你的账户。
  • Register your Payoneer account via my referral link, you need to provide your true information and ID card images.
  • After your Payoneer account got approved, connect your Payoneer USA bank card with your PayPal account. 通过我的推荐链接注册Payoneer,你需要提供你的真实信息和身份证截图。当你的Payoneer账户通过之后,你会获得一个美国银行卡,将这张银行卡关联到你的paypal账户。
  • Writing articles at Steemit to earn Steem and SBD. 在steemit上写文章赚取steem和sbd
How to withdraw the money you earn at Steemit into USD in your PayPal or bank card?
  1. withdraw your steem/sbd into btc at Bittrex 将steem和sbd转换成比特币
  2. withdraw your btc into USD at 将btc转换成美元 read to know ? how to sell bitcoin into USD at VirWox
  3. transfer your USD to your PayPal 提现美元到你的paypal账户
  4. when your PayPal received $ 100+, withdraw it to your Payoneer USA bank card. 当你的paypal有100/(1000 maybe new condition)美元时,将这些美元提现到Payoneer美国银行卡

Then, Payoneer will give each $ 25 rewards to both you and me. 然后,Payoneer就会给我们各自25美元的奖励。

Do not be hesitate, just do it.
register your Payoneer via my referraland if you have any problems with my strategy, welcome to leave your message, I will answer you as possible as I can. 通过我的推荐注册Payoneer,有问题的话,欢迎留言。

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