Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Make money by writing at HubPages.com

For Chinese edition, come to read this article: 在hubpages上写英文文章赚钱
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HubPages.com is a very good platform where we can earn money by writing articles, I have earned about 160 USD at there.
Make money online by writing

Here introduce some simple information about HubPages.com:
  1. You should be good at writing articles in English, because it only accepts English articles.
  2. Once your article is approved, you'll find that your articles will appear in the first pages of Google's search in just a few days, which will give you very constant traffic, which means revenue.
  3. When your income reaches $ 50, hubpages will pay you via paypal, I've received it several times.
So, if you like writing English articles, try to share something at HubPages.com, and if there is an article published, there will be a little bit of income every day.

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