Tuesday, December 5, 2017

steemit挣钱计划 steemit earning plan

steemit挣钱计划 steemit earning plan

比特币囤积计划-bitcoin hoarding plan
  1. 坚持在Steemit上写作
    keep on writhing at steemit
  2. 囤积一些Steem
    hoard some steem
  3. 囤积一些SBD
    hoard some SBD
  4. 囤积一些比特币
    hoard some bitcoin
  5. 计划代理一些Steem powers给机器人
    plan to delegate some steem powers to robots
  6. Steemit Money若有剩余,则按照市场价卖掉,卖掉就是赚到,买到就是赚到 ʘᴗʘ
    sell the remaining steem, SBD and bitcoin
  7. you will be rich at steemit

教程和工具 tutorial and tools
---steemit赚到的钱如何提现?how to withdraw the money earned at steemit?

How to withdraw the money you earn at Steemit into USD in your PayPal or bank card?

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