Sunday, January 28, 2018

share some advice with the new users of steemit:

visit this article if you yet not know what is steemit.

update: recently, another steemit friend's earnings were stolen by a steemit theft, again warn you that taking carefully of your steemit passwords is the very important first thing at steemit.
read these advice i listed very carefully.

here in this articles i share some advice with the new users of steemit:
  1. Be sure to carefully backup your password, because only you know your password, if you lose the password, only two options ~ forget it or remember it
  2. When changing the password, you should be very careful to backup it
  3. Do not change your password randomly
  4. Do not use your master password to log in to any site other than Steemit, to avoid your steemit money stolen by theft.
  5. Your posts are public and anyone can view them at any time *
  6. * Once you've posted the content in Steemit, you can not edit it again after a week, so be sure to post it only when you want to show it to a non-privacy web world
  7. Read carefully and remember the advice above, then follow them
read this article to know how to withdraw your steemit earnings.

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