A List of The Top Free Online Storage Services-Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and More

This article is emphasized on FREE edition, which means that you do not need to buy.

I will update this list when I find new good cloud storage or remove the item which is already out of service such as Copy Cloud.

You are searching "free online storage services" on Google because you want to store or share your files on the cloud, thanks for stopping by this post, here I will list the top popular awesome cloud drive services for you, and I am sure there will be one you love to use.

What is online storage?
Image that tomorrow I will be away for a while on a business trip, but I still have a work report to write, but I do not have enough time to finish it today, what should I do?
I just upload the files to my cloud storage account, so that I can continue writing my report when I have time.

So, this is the online storage service( or cloud drive service). Cloud drive service is a Internet technology for people to store, sync and share their files on the web, the physical servers typically are owned and managed by a web hosting company such as Google, Amazon, Dropbox. To make a better brand and earn money from their premium cloud business, these online storage providers are doing their best to make sure the data are available and accessible for their users, and the physical servers' environment are protected and running.

Basic functions
Normally, there are three main functions of the online storage service, they are:

  • Storing or backup, which means that after your uploading files to the online storage, you can access and download them from different places at different time as long as your devices are connected to the Internet.
  • Synchronizing, for example, if you don't have enough time to finish an article at your work time, sync it on the web drive, then you can continue writing it at home in the next day.
  • Sharing, you can share files on the cloud by drop people a link, in your control, they could read your words, or watch your videos by visiting the link they get from you.

The list of 9 free online storage providers
  • Box Cloud Storage. Box.com is one excellent cloud provider from California, box mainly focuses on online file sharing and content management service for businesses. Box's 10 GB free storage and 250 MB max file size, just enough generous to personal. Also, your Box apps are protected with Passcode Lock.
  • CloudMe. CloudMe free plan storage is between 3-19 GB, also you will enjoy these feathers---European Storage, Privacy of Sweden, both Web and Mobile Access.
  • Degoo Cloud Backup. Degoo is famous for its 100 GB free secure online storage, which is very generous, and all popular platforms are supported.
  • Dropbox. Dropbox is rather famous and excellent in the web cloud storage area, a lot of people say Dropbox is the best free/paid web cloud drive solution. Dropbox free plan is 2 GB, not worried, because you can increase your storage by inviting friends or using mobile and desk Dropbox apps ;) Just enough cloud drive for ordinary people to use. By the way, if you are a student or teacher, you also have Dropbox education bonus...
  • Google Drive. Google drive is powered by Google, with up to 15 GB free web space, which is shared across Gmail, Google plus photos, blogger and other Google products, but it just very enough space on the web for most people to use. You can manage your files at Google drive from different popular devices and platforms. You can edit all your Google Docs(Word), Google Sheet(Excel) and Google Slide(PowerPoint) on the cloud, so you know, how this enemy is powerful to Microsoft...
  • iCloud Drive(Apple's cloud service). The Web drive service from Apple which is one of the top wealthy companies on this planet. iCloud is both secure and fast, 5 GB free. You can synchronize any kind of files on all your Apple devices. Edit words with iWrite app installed on iCloud. Synchronize and protect data on your iPhone/iPad. Apple's products are always of HIGH quality. BUT you can use iCloud service ONLY you are one Apple consumer.
  • Mega. Mega is a cloud drive from New Zealand. Its free storage is up to 50 GB, I have to say it is so gorgeous, if your friends also use Mega cloud, then you can chat with them through mega chat. And mobile app is with passcode lock. I think Mega Cloud is Good.
  • OneDrive(also known as Microsoft SkyDrive). OneDrive is a free online storage and cloud service from Microsoft-another Internet leader. Same to Google Drive, OneDrive Free plan is 15 GB per account. Multiple popular platforms are supported between different devices. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook mail, Publisher, Access are better connected with your Microsoft Onedrive, which really is effectively collaborated.
  • pCloud. pCloud is a young cloud drive company registered in Switzerland, who aims to create a huge impact on the rapidly growing IT market. It is a online drive I am using on my iPhone in recent time, because its speed is fast, simple to use, single file size is not limited, also have auto-upload and pass-code lock functions.
As I say that when I find some new nice free online storage, I will add them in my list.

  • 10, iDrive. iDrive provides 5 GB free cloud drive for you, most popular platforms are supported. Honestly, I have not used it, but it is another choice, isn't it?
  • 11, OpenDrive. OpenDrive also provides 5 GB free online storage, 100 MB max per file, the difference of OpenDrive is that it supports direct links of your files. OpenDrive is a good choice for you to choose.
  • 12, Zoho free cloud storage. Zoho is famous for its email service, it also provide 5 GB free cloud storage, with powerful built-in editor, store your data in the cloud, so you can stop carrying a flash drive around.
Two Q&A

  • Q: Why do these cloud drive companies provide free service to its users?
  • A: To earn more money. By offering free edition, the cloud companies want to draw more and more users, which will build a better brand for their web drive products. At the same time, the more free users they have, the more potential paid/premium users they will get, the more money they will earn. In a word, free is just the commercial strategy, earning money is the destination. Anyhow, they do give people much convenience brought by the benefits of free cloud drive.

  • Q: How to get more than 100 GB free online storage from the Internet?
  • A: I have shared so many good web storage providers with you! Most of them provide free cloud service, Degoo Cloud Backup is already 100 GB free. If you register all the accounts, I am sure you will easily get more than 100 GB. But please do not waste the hosting servers out of your needs, just like we should not waste water.
One tip
Anything on the web is not absolutely secure, because that Internet is about sharing, so do not upload files which contain your VERY important information to the cloud. And only login your cloud account with the web that you trust in, especially when you are in a strange web connection environment.

At last, I hope you will find a online storage service which qualifies you needs, and welcome to leave your comment. Thanks a lot.