Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to link YouTube monetization with another existing Adsense account?

I have read one page which makes it clear that one Google Adsense can be applied to multiple YouTube channels, so not be worried about it anymore.

How to link my YouTube channel monetization with another existing Adsense account?
1. Open your regular web browser with the page of the associating YouTube you want to link with your Adsense account.
2. Open a 'private' mode browser or another new web browser with your Google adsense account.
3. Follow the steps of YouTube monetization in your first browser, if ask to login.
4. Copy that link, and paste it in your 'private' mode browser.
5. Follow the steps in that 'private' mode browser.
6. If done, see now in your regular browser. And refresh the page.

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