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(2018) Free Shadowsocks Accounts to Google in China 中国免费科学上网




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Shadowsocks(R) is a very useful tool which can help you to aceess websites banned by the GFW of CN gov. Most free shadowsocks are NOT working because of the powerful censorship and GFW and the money spent from the ss providers, if you know some working ss accounts, welcome to share. We need your help.
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Firstly, this page is mainly about FREE shadowsocks information. And I also try to add 3+ VPNs at the end of this page(or visit this page which is specially for free VPNs-免费VPN软件). I believe that the internet should be a freedom to everyone, because it means equal opportunity to EVERYONE.

There are many visitors including you come to this page from Google, they come from different countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, Philippines, Colombia, Singapore, Japan and of course China, that is to say, my visitors are from all over the world.
I am very glad that this page can give you a little help to find some useful information about free shadowsocks accounts, and thanks for your sharing my page. Let us work together to make this page better as a top platform of free shadowsocks accounts.

Free shadowsocks accounts/servers China 2017 中国 免费 shadowsocks账户或服务器信息分享
Free Ways of How to Use Google, Gmail, Twitter and Youtube in China 2017 中国免费科学上网

If you are looking for some free shadowsocks accounts to access Google or Twitter in China, this post will show you some helpful information. and of course, you can use this page not only in CN, but also in other countries such as ireland, canada, japan, uk, brazil and iran.

Hello, if you are coming to this page from search engines to look for some good free shadowsocks accounts, you just have came to the right place, here you will find some satisfied free shadowsocks which can help you to access Google and watch Youtube videos in cn.

If you are using Mac and iOS devices such as iPhone, come to another page(Chinese). This page is mainly on free shadowsocks 2017 for Android and Windows devices.

I Can Use Google's services in China.
I use Google's products such as Gmail, Google search and YouTube everyday in cn, without spending money. I'd like to share with you about how to do with it.

I am in China now, I know that most people can not use Google Search, they even do not know what Google is. But not all people can not use Gmail in China, I know how and I will show you how to watch YouTube videos in cn.

Most web blog sites about "free VPNs of using Google in China" are just trying to sell you something without giving you any helpful information - you find that you still have to buy some VPNs or shadowsock accounts. This page is different with them, I show you real information about how to access websites banned by cn, but I make it clear that free methods often are not stable and slower speed. It does not matter that I also want to make money by advertisements on this page.

NOTE: free shadowsocks sometime are slow and not stable. If you want to steady access Gmail, Youtube , Instagram and other websites blocked in China, you are suggested to buy a VPN or shadowsocks, have a try of this one(buy with a less price).

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If you find this webpage is helpful, welcome to share it with your social media accounts such as Google+, twitter. Thanks. 谢谢分享(中国汉字)

Why we can not normally visit Google and Twitter and YouTube in China? 
By the way, you can skip this part.

If you are planning to travel to China, there is one point you should know that you can not use Google search, Gmail, FaceBook, Twitter and Youtube and other websites which you can visit easily in the USA and Europe. In China, all these websites just do not work because of the GFW(Great Firewall of China).

Then, what is GFW(Great Firewall of China) and why?
As you may know that there are many countries take internet censorship in websites online, China government is just one of them, if you do not accept their internet censorship, then you leave. That is why Google choose to leave China several years ago.

GFW is a Great Wall online, it is the main instrument to achieve Internet censorship in China. GFW has banned many websites such as Google, Gmail, Twitter and YouTube, so you can not visit these websites in China.

However, that is not to say, you can not use Google, Gmail, Youtube and Twitter absolutely in China. You still can visit these websites banned by GFW with the help of technology methods such as VPN, Shadowsocks, but most time, you need to buy them to watch YouTube videos in China.

You possibly say that you don't know what is a vpn or shadowsocks, hey, you dont need to know, that is not a problem. I actually also dont know what is a shadowsocks, still i visit gmail, youtube, pinterest everyday in china, we just need to know HOW to use a vpn or something, which is SIMPLE.

Here in this post, I will teach you how to use Gmail, Google Search and how to watch Youtube videos and update Twitter in China, WITHOUT spending money---that is free methods, many of the methods now work perfectly.

Google was already blocked by China, then how do I access Google's services in China?

How to use Google search, Gmail and other websites banned by China?

I will show you 3 main methods.

1, Edit your hosts file of your computer.

hosts 1
*this method may not work all the time~风声紧的时候,该方法可能失效
There are some people in China keep updating their hosts files to access Google's services, and some of them share their hosts files, laod(Chinese characters website) is a good one of them. You can search "laod" in Google, click the first result, download his hosts file, then reedit your computer's hosts file. After that, you will come to see that you can use Google in China.
The disadvantage of this method is you can not watch YouTube videos in cn.

hosts 2

2, Free Shadowsocks account 2017. 免费shadowsocks账号

Please Note: I can not make sure all these free shadowsocks accounts/information 2017 are absolutely safe. So if you are not short of money, just BUY some paid VPNs or Shadowsocks or something, because nothing is absolutely free.

If you are the owner of these free shadowsocks accounts, and you do not want to your ss be publicly, do not hesitate to contact me through the comment area, thanks. (如果你是所有者,并且你不想你的免费shadowsocks信息被公布,请通过留言联系我,谢谢。)

Use Google to search "free shadowsocks" before you come to China, you will find some nice free shadowsocks accounts. Then you can use shadowsocks to access Gmail, Youtube and other Google's services.

And here I share some nice free shadowsocks websites for you, feel free to use, I will keep them be updated(为保证信息的持续更新,本页面所提供的免费shadowsocks账号的网址如有失效的,欢迎留言。):

*Tools: If you want to use these free Shadowsocks listed below, you need to install Shadowsocks or ShadowsocksR on your devices. Usually, SSR only supports Android and Windows.
*工具:如果你想使用下面的免费Shadowsocks信息,你需要在你的设备上安装Shadowsocks 或者 ShadowsocksR。通常情况下,SSR仅支持安卓和Windows设备。

shadowsocksR安卓下载地址~请收藏 Update: It is a pity that breakwa11 decided to stop maintaining her shadowsocksR project because of some reasons. So if you have SSR on your phone, never delete it because there will be no official link on Github for you to download it again.




shadowsocksR 安卓手机 扫描屏幕 二维码 的方法
How to SIMPLY use shadowsocks at your computer?  怎么更简单的使用电脑版的shadowsocks
The recommended web services you should have a try after you can FREELY visit the internet world
Try and buy this shadowsocks account


Note: free shadowsocks often are speed slow and not stable, there are many free shadowsocks are not working, i will update this article when i have time, and your feedback is very welcomed.

No registrations~~~If the links do not work, please let me know by dropping a comment, thanks.

另,好用的话,别忘了扫一扫支付宝红包呀 •ᴗ•

  5. @@@thanks to
  6. or
    Free hosts such as Linode, Digital Ocean of Japan, Singapore, United States and Russia, All servers will be reset and change its password in every 6 hours.
  7., perfect
  9., or  http://my.shadowsocks8.orgFree servers located in Singapore, United States and Russia, RESET EVERY 4 HOURS
  10. NEW,
  12. you have to register its wordpress blog to get the free SSR information
  20. provided by ashadowsocks(my potvpn com),最新的免费ss试用 - ss免费账号
  21. OR 逗比根据地 免费shadowsocks accounts账号分享,嗯,给个前排
  27. 无需注册,无邀请码,直接试用。每周更新一次
  28. or
  29. or Free Shadowsocks Share
  30. 适合手机,无需注册,不限时,不限流量 new free shadowsocks account 2017
  31. or
  32. 临时不可用了,再检查
  33. 极影~ 已更新,谢谢Gcking提供的免费shadowsocks信息
  38. Unblock the Internet
  39. Free And Temporary shadowsocks VPN, you need to contact the author via email to get the credential 你需要跟提供者写信索要节点信息

  40. 风起

Need registrations~~~Also, if the links do not work, please let me know by dropping a comment, thanks. If you also provide 2017 free shadowsocks accounts for people in China to access Google, do not be hesitate, and welcome to share it with us.



3, Google + communities

You also can join some Google + communities where people share free shadowsocks information(welcome to join mine), which is one good method I am using now.
I have collected Google+小组~all Google+ communities where you can find free shadowsocks accounts, just join these communities, you will find the information you like.

If you have any questions when using these methods, welcome to leave a comment, I will answer you as soon as possible.

Again, If you find this webpage is helpful, welcome to share it with your social media accounts such as Google+, twitter. Thanks. 谢谢分享(中国汉字)

Ads: By the way, welcome to join my Google plus community "科学上网免费信息交流“~ which is a new google plus team, I will share the free methods of my accessing Google in China with you, and keep it up-to-date.

update: you also can follow silencexxx on twitter, sometimes, it shares qualified USA free shadowsocks account.

free VPN 1
plus, we can access websites blocked by GFW via a vpn, here i share a new but working vpn with you, its name is bladevpn, bladevpn supports almost all plateforms such as windows, mac, android and ios, it is both free and secure, also not slow speed. Here to read BladeVPN's introduction.

free VPN 2


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    2. hi, dj, i v checked this server, and it works.
      you should install one app named SSR, then copy this server and add this server by Import from the clipboard(从剪贴板导入).

      i will write one article about how to do with it when i have time.

    3. Do you have other sites that give 30-100 GB or more allocation? Can you please share?

    4. hi, thanks for your comment, but i v shared all the free shadowsocks information i know in this article, i hope you will find one which can help you to use google in cn.

    5. 每天更新免费线路

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  4. Thank you for this tremendous article but I can't find working ss account in your lists of free ss account! Huhu I need your help sir, thanks!

    1. hi, thanks for your comment, try this one, which is also in my list, and it works.

      as i said free shadowsocks often are not stable with slow speed

    2. Hey!! Thank you for your fast reply!!! I didn't notice that you had answered my query, I really appreciate it. Thanks sir!! Btw, I know this site hehe but, you dunno any sites that gives for atleast 5gb data allocation? hehe Thanks again :)

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  6. The best I found till now is, they have free Shadowsocks access, and Premium accounts:

  7. Sir. Can i have the link where to dl the bladevpn for my android phone.It is available in the playstore?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, you can download bladevpn at Google Playstore, and its official website is, I have checked it on my Android, and it works.
      I will write a post about bladevpn if my visitors need it.

  8. Because of this, you can now view your friends profile, update your profile, and send messages with each other through the use of this technology. unblock google service

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  11.,use youtube google in china and use youku tudou not in china.

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