Saturday, July 22, 2017

Free VPN APP to Use Google in CN-Blade VPN

As one visitor asked where to download bladevpn under 2017 Free Shadowsocks Accounts, I decide to write a introduction post about it.

Blade VPN is a free VPN app service aiming to provide Virtual Private Network services to help people use the internet freely and securely.

Does BladeVPN work?
According to my experience that it works for me to access Google Search and Gmail in China, and I speculate it also works for other blocked websites such as YouTube and Wikipedia in China and other countries. You are recommended to have a trial.

Where to download Blade VPN apps?
Bladevpn apps are available for Mac, iPhone and Android devices.
If you are a Apple user, go to Apple Store.
For Android users, you can download BladeVPN app at Google Play Store and its official website.
By the way, its official website is


  1. I value all that you have added as far as anyone is concerned base.
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  3. Blade’s official website isn’t even working on my end. I highly suggest for you guys to look for paid VPN services if you really want very secure connections. I recently subscribed to ExpressVPN, which costs me a little extra but so far, I feel much safer online. They also have leak testers if you want extra assurance. Nothing against Blade VPN though because I haven’t tried using it but if their website is down every so often, how can I trust them to be as reliable as I need them to be?