Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How to Cash Your Steemit Earnings to PayPal/Skrill or Bank Card?

How to Cash Your Steemit Earnings to PayPal/Skrill or Bank Card?
--- How to Cash the Money You Earn at Steemit Into USD in Your PayPal/Skrill or Credit Bank Card?
Make money online is something not so easy, so when you get paid from your Steemit contents, you want to transfer your money, because you can not spend Steem/SBD to buy goods at Steemit.com, this article will show you how to do with it.

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What is Steemit(Steem and SBD) if you yet not know it?

Steemit.com is a social platform like Reddit, Facebook or Twitter, the difference is Steemit pays you for the contents you create, the other difference is Steemit is built on the blockchains.

As you know, Bitcoin is a new digital blockchain money, Steemit(or exactly Steem and SBD) rightly is something like Bitcoin. Both of Steemit and Bitcoin are the new innovative payment networks and new kinds of money.

At the other hand, Steemit is different with Bitcoin. When people upVote for your posts at Steemit, you will get Steem or SBD(Steemit based dollars) money in your wallet, that is to say, you can make money by writing at Steemit.com

How to withdraw the money you earn at Steemit into USD in your PayPal/Skrill or credit bank card?
We use USD not Steem to buy the products we like

You already know that at Steemit, we earn digital currencies such as Steem and SBD(Steem Dollar), but we can not use them to buy things in our real world, what should we do?

Yeah, we have to transfer our Steemit money into USD or the legal tender of your country, such as Euro in European countries, RMB Yuan in China or JPY Yen in Japan.

This article will teach you how to do with it, which is written based on the real experiences of my transferring Steemit money into USD of my paypal account or my credit bank card.
Here to share with you.

Simply speaking:
1. firstly we transfer our SBD/Steem into BTC(Bitcoin),
2. then we cash our Bitcoin into USD,
3. finally we withdraw our USD into our PayPal account or our bank card.

What you need to have before you do:
1. Your verified PayPal account or bank credit card which supports swift code
2. Bittrex or Poloniex account, where you can convert your Steem/SBD into BTC(Bitcoin), Bittrex is recommended.
3. VirWoX.com account, a place where you can sell your BTC into SSL(Second Life Lindens, which is digital currency of a virtual game), then sell SSL into USD, then you can withdraw your dollars into your PayPal or bank card. Thanks for registering you VirWoX account via my referral. According to my own experience that VirWox really is a very good platform, you can trust it.

Or you can sell your Bitcoin via LocalBitcoins.com which is a leading P2P Bitcoin exchange market.

*note: All these platforms of Paypal, Bittrex, Poloniex, VirWoX and LocalBitcoins.com will charge some fees during your transferring money there

The step by step of how to transfer/withdraw your Steemit money into USD in your Paypal account or credit bank card:

1, Transfer your steemit money into Poloniex or Bittrex
Take Poloniex as example
In your Poloniex account, BALANCES———DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS———find sbd(steem dollars) ———deposit———copy your steem dollar memo
if you use Bittrex, you will easily find your Steem dollar memo at Bittrex
Then, in your steemit wallet, you can transfer both your STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS.
Your steemit wallet~steem/steem dollars~transfer~input your information-send your money to "poloniex", amount and paste the memo you copy at Poloniex.

Note: if you use Bittrex, you Steem memo and SBD memos are DIFFERENT, so be very careful at this step.

2, Sell your steemit money into BTC(Bitcoin) at Poloniex/Bittrex
register and login your VirWoX.com account~~~deposit~~~generate Bitcoin address XXX~~~copy your bitcoin address at virwox

When your Poloniex account receives your steemit money, then follow these steps:
https://poloniex.com/exchange#btc_sbd~~~find sbd/steem ~~~sell your sbd or steem dollars into BTC~~~when you get BTC
https://poloniex.com/balances#btc ~~~find btc ~~~withdraw~~~paste your bitcoin address you copy at VirWoX~~~sell~~~confirm your sell in your email~~~Awaiting Approval

3, Sell your money in VirWoX into USD and withdraw into your Paypal account or bank card.
when you get you money transferred in your VirWoX account.
https://virwox.com/withdraw.php, withdraw your USD into your PAYPAL/Skrill account or credit bank card which supports swift code.

Then, wait for some minutes with patience, soon you will receive your USD at your PayPal account, and congratulations to you.

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How to Buy Bitcoin via PayPal at VirWox

The Tools I am Using to Withdraw the Steemit Money I Earn at Steemit.com

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