Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Useful Tools I Am Using at Steemit, Which Do All Transactions Completely On-Chain in a Wallet I Personally and Exclusively Control

The useful tools I am using at Steemit, which do all transactions completely on-chain in a wallet I personally and exclusively control

___The Tools I Am Using to Withdraw Steemit Money into PayPal

This article will be unable to be edited, so I will keep it be updated at my personal website: The tools I am using to transfer my Steemit money into USD in my PayPal account 
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I'd like to share some useful tools which I AM using to withdraw the money I have earned at, hoping it will give you some friendly helps.
  1. is
    (1) where I am transferring the SBD and Steem I have earned at
    (2) and where I sell my SBD and Steem into Bitcoin
    VirWox is
    (1) where I transfer my Bitcoin at Bittrex
    (2) and where I sell my Bitcoin into SSL
    (3) and where I sell my SSL into USD
  3. ///
    ///Or you can directly sell your bitcoin via LocalBitcoins, LocalBitcoins is the largest P2P bitcoin exchange online market, which has around 110,000 active traders with a trade volume of 1400–3000 bitcoins per day(via WikiPedia)
  4. PayPal
    PayPal is where I transfer my USD at VirWox, Your dollars will be credited to your paypal from VirWox immediately in 0.3-1 hours.
Please be note that all these platforms of Bittrex, VirWox and PayPal will charge some fees during you are transferring you money.

*Earn free bitcoin

I also recommend you to buy/sell digital currencies(BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC) at coinbase via my referral, because that Once your buys or sells $100 (¥641) of digital currency or more at coinbase, we will both get $10 (¥64) of free bitcoin. And it also supports PayPal.

*If you want to know HOW to transfer your Steemit digital money into USD at your PayPal account, come to read my this article.
*This article was firstly published at my blog, and I will keep it be updated at my blog.

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