The Best-selling Laptop Brands For People to Shop Online

Shopping Online
Shopping online is a fashionable way for people to buy something online, you do not have to go to the stores, buy it online such as Amazon or eBay, then just wait at home before it is delivered within 1-7 days. Shopping online usually is very convenient and efficient.
There are many online sellers of the Internet, among them, Amazon maybe the largest one, as many people know that amazon is a great e-business company, they sell their goods online, such as laptops, books, foods, even cars, the consumers buy what they need without going to the store, then just wait before the goods was delivered within some days or a week, that is shopping online, which is very convenient!

Laptop (Notebook) and Tablet Computer
Both Laptop computer(or you call it "Notebook") and tablet computer are very useful inventions, it is artful appearance and easy to carry, whenever and wherever conditions permit, you can open you your laptop and go on working or gaming. You know that there are a lot of opportunities of the Internet, full of different useful information, with a laptop besides you, you can exploring the online world as long as you can connect with the web.

Brand is a very powerful and influential factor to both the seller and the consumers. With a better brand, the sellers can attract many consumers to buy their products and make more money, at the same time, the consumer will keep buying the brands they love, want to know why, because they trust the brands they love, sometimes, brand is the first and the price is the second. For example that iPhone always more expensive than the other phones, but there are always many consumers would like to buy iPhone, they trust Apple! Brand Apple is the most powerful wealth to the company Apple, I hope you can understand what I am telling you.

Shopping online, Amazon and Christmas day/Black Friday.
Christmas day/Black Friday normally are a carnival for the buyers and the sellers online and Amazon. The sellers want to sell more products by small profits but quick turnover, the buyers want to buy more goods because they are cheaper than normal days, of course, Amazon is the biggest winner, maybe, because it is the largest platform of shopping online.

The brand of my laptop is DELL, its price is not too expensive and its size is easy to take, more importantly, it can qualify my basic needs of learning and working, by the way, I rarely play games on my laptop, so if you're a gamer, it's better to buy a game based laptop.

The Top Laptop Brands Selling online
When we are talking about the brands of laptop computers, thanks to the market economy and free competition, there are many different laptop brands, such as DELL, Lenovo, ACER, provided by the different laptop manufacturers, and many different consumers do have different favors, so, we always can choose one or two from the different laptop brands.

Among the prices of these laptops, some are cheaper, some are expensive, so consider carefully before you decide to buy one, such as: Do you often play games on your laptop? What will you do with you new laptop? How much money you have? How long you plan to use it?

In this post, I will list the most popular brands of laptop computers selling online, and I am going to keep this list be updated, you are welcome to share with us which brand of laptop you like, thank you.

Please note that if you buy a laptop computer on Amazon site via the links on this page, I may earn an affiliate income from it, and the price for a laptop computer may be updated daily by Amazon. You do not pay more for your laptop, and I earn my part from Amazon, thanks. So, if you do want to buy a laptop, free to choose the brands listed on this page, thanks again.

I will introduce the brands of laptop or tablet computers by categorizing them---the areas of where the manufacturers of these brands are from. From my option, nowadays, that most brands of laptop or tablet computers on the market are from these areas:
Greater China(both mainland and Taiwan of CHINA)
South Korea

The brands of laptop and tablet computers from USA:
Mainly, there are 3 laptop brands from USA, they are Apple, DELL and HP.
Apple is very famous for its high quality, beautiful design and powerful software system, Apple is the unique one, no matter iPhone, iPad or Mac, Apple provides both software and hardware, that's why Apple's products are normally more expensive in price. Up to now, Apple always successfully keep itself as the leader of its industry.
Both DELL and HP are brands established at the age of IT(Internet Technology), they produce different kinds of computers---desktop, laptop and tablet, but they have to share their revenues with another giant---Microsoft, because they are not good at software.

The brands of laptop and tablet computers from Japan:
Sony, Panasonic and Sharp(Sharp was sold to Foxconn). May you know that the science and technology capability of Japan is much stronger, especially the semiconductor technology which is a very important key of produce electronic products such as laptop computer, this is one reason of Japan's economic miracle in the past. The strengths of Sony and Panasonic are they are more precise and energy saving, you know Japan is a country lack of resources.

The brands of laptop and tablet computers from South Korea:
Samsung and LG. The brands from South Korea are something like Japan's, they also benefit from the development of IT and they graze this opportunities. Samsung and LG, like Sony and Panasonic, they produce many different electronic products-camera, smart phone, and computers. Laptop is just one branch of their electronic emperors. And by the way, that Samsung and LG are the important factor of South Korea GDP.

The brands of laptop and tablet computers from Greater China:
Lenovo, Acer and ASUS. These 3 become famous brands globally because their learning ability, at the beginning they do not have the technology, but they know IT is one great opportunity, and they graze this opportunity, they grow bigger and bigger. In 2005, ThinkPad was sold to Lenovo, now Lenovo is the biggest local computer manufacturer of China. As to Acer and ASUS, they are brands from Taiwan, they grow up on the road of from assembling computers to computer manufacturing, by learning from the west. Normally, the prices of Lenovo, Acer and ASUS are cheaper, but I do not mean that their quality is bad, they are welcomed!!!

Of course, there are also many excellent (laptop) computer brands not listed on this page. Feel free to search something you want to know on the Internet by Google.

You are welcome to share your comment. And I hope you will find the laptop/notebook brand you want to buy on the Internet.