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The most recommended method to use Google in China is to buy a good VPN, such as expressvpn, or you can try to find some free shadowsocks/v2ray accounts in this post if you know how to use it, but make it very clear that the free methods will be NOT stable.

在方便自己的学习、生活和工作需要的同时,务必遵 守国 家的宪法和法律,坚决维护国 家de主权和荣誉,希望未来各方面的发展都会越来越好。


Shadowsocks(R) is a very useful tool which can help you to access blocked websites, this page is mainly about FREE shadowsocks information, the internet should be a freedom to everyone, because it means equal opportunity to EVERYONE
Wall stacked with stones
Most weblog sites about "free VPN helps to Google in China" are just trying to sell you something without giving you any helpful information - you find that you still have to buy some VPN or shadowsocks accounts. This page is different with them, which will show you the real information about how to access blocked websites, but again make it clear that free methods often are NOT stable and slower speed.

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Why you can not normally visit Gmail, Twitter and YouTube in China? 
If you are planning to travel to China, something you should know that you can not directly use Google search, Gmail, FaceBook, Twitter and Youtube and other websites which you can visit easily in the US and EU. In China all these websites just do not work because of the GFW(Great Firewall).

Then, what is GFW and why?
As you may know that there are many countries take internet censorship, China is just one of them, if you do not accept their internet censorship, then you leave, that is why Google choose to leave several years ago.
GFW is a Great Wall online, it is the main instrument to achieve Internet censorship in China. It has banned many websites such as Gmail, Twitter and YouTube, so you can not visit these websites in China.

That is not to say, you never can not use Google, Youtube and Twitter in China, because nothing is absolute, for example, Huawei, based in China, as an international technology company, also has its official Twitter account. You still can visit these websites with the help of technology methods such as VPN or Shadowsocks, paid is better, of course, if you still want to use free shadowsocks, keep reading. You possibly say that you don't know what is a vpn or shadowsocks, hey, you dont need to know, this is not a problem. You just need to know HOW to use it, which is simple.

*the author of this method had deleted the article, so this method does not work any more
There are some people in China keep updating their hosts files to access Google's services, some of them share their hosts files, laod (chinese website) is a good one of them. You can search "laod" in Google, click the first result, download his hosts file, then reedit your computer's hosts file, after that, you will come to see that you can use Google, the disadvantage of this method is you can not watch YouTube videos.

Note: Nobody can not make sure all these free shadowsocks accounts are absolutely safe, so the better method is to BUY a paid VPN or Shadowsocks, because nothing is absolutely free.
Tools: If you want to use these free Shadowsocks listed below, you need to install Shadowsocks or ShadowsocksR or V2ray on your devices. Usually, SSR and SSR only support Android and Windows.
shadowsocksR安卓下载地址 Update: It is a pity that breakwa11 decided to stop maintaining shadowsocksR project because of some reasons. So if you have SSR on your phone, never delete it because there will be no official link on Github for you to download it again.


shadowsocksR 安卓手机 扫描屏幕 二维码 的方法
How to SIMPLY use shadowsocks at your computer?  怎么更简单的使用电脑版的shadowsocks



You also can join some G+ communities where people share free shadowsocks information, the G+ communities where you can find free shadowsocks accounts, just join these communities, you will find the information you like.