Wu Naomi-The sexist female hacker in China who is famous as SexyCyborg on the web

Wu Naomi is regarded as the sexiest Chinese female hacker, in her videos and photos, she often wears high boots, mini skirts and tight tunic tops, so she will immediately attract a lot of attention.
Wu Naomi wears a simple VR glass made by her via a 3D printer
Introduction: this post is about SexyCyborg who is a famous female hacker in Shenzhen, China.
You probably are searching "SexyCyborg" on Google to know something about the girl who is famous as her username on the web-SexyCyborg, right?
Who is "SexyCyborg"?
Wu Naomi is a famous female hacker from China, 23-year-old, she now is living in Shenzhen(one of the most developed cities of China), her username on the web world is called "SexyCyborg".
Wu Naomi is regarded as the sexiest Chinese female hacker, in her videos and photos, she often wears high boots, mini skirts and tight tunic tops, so she will immediately attract a lot of attention on the internet. With step by step guides, SexyCyborg often teaches people to make high-tech equipment with a 3D printer, she is very popular that there are thousands of followers and fans of her social accounts such as YouTube, Imgur and Reddit. SexyCyborg says she want to inspire young women into the technical field, to enhance China's position as an innovation center.
"When people see my dress, most of them think I am a debauchery woman" Wu Naomi said, "but when they see the procedures I do and the high-tech equipment I have, they often are very amazed".
Why would SexyCyborg become a maker, and why does she want to encourage more women to enter the technical field? I will show your her answers in English.

Questions and Answers about SexyCyborg)

  • Q: Why you are interested in technology?
  • A(SexyCyborg's answer): At the beginning? Maybe it is the money. At the first time, I prefer to be an English geek, because I found that I can use my English ability to learn programming online, then my passion was lit. Now I am very interested in technology.
  • Q: What do you want to accomplish with your video project?
  • A: When I read the contents of people's talking about China on the technology website, which is very frustrating, they often say that China can only imitate or some similar claims. Of course, this indeed is a problem, but we have been very hard to improve ourselves and become more innovative, I would like to prove that we also have creative culture not only imitation.
  • Q: You are called as the sexiest hacker, what do you think about this?
  • A: Haha, I have never said I am the sexiest hacker, this is just some media misreading reports, as a hacker I can use the command line like any competent web developer. To some extent, hackers are similar with thieves, they use similar methods and tools, but the differences are their purposes. As for my clothing, they are not equipment, when the weather is hot, I will wear less even if I do not make videos, this is just a part of my daily life. I love sexy clothes, as a sexy girl and do creative things are not conflicted, and Shenzhen is a modern city, here is safe.
  • Q: Do you see any interesting technology trends?
  • A: In the 3D print community, we see more and more women with handmade and cosplay backgrounds, these women now are starting to use 3D printers, although many people buy 3D printers, but most of them do not really use them, they just takes 3D printers as cool high-tech toys or gifts.
  • Q: Wu Naomi, you call yourself Sexy Cyborg, will you really implant something into your body and become an electronic person?
  • A: I have gone through three very painful surgeries, now there are about 1600cc of breast fillings in my body, implant a microchip in a small glass capsule is not a big problem for me, just functional problems, some friends who have implanted NFC chips say they are not practical, I want to have a very high quality magnetic implant to keep my high stockings not slippery and take a beltless wearable device.
  • Q: Who gives you inspirations?
  • A: I have two major sources of inspirations, both are female producers. The first one is Simone Giertz, Simone Giertz created a "stupid robot", she really has started to publish her robots plan on the web, and she is doing better, I have followed her on Twitter, but I am always shy to communicate with her, I think she is great.

    The other one is Limor Fried, her "ladyada" also gives me a great help, I do not have any business relationship with her company, but they have been very generous to my projects, my videos, answer questions for me, I will always be grateful to her.

So these are something about this famous Chinese female hacker Wu Naomi, she is very beautiful and sexy, isn't her? By the way, SexyCyborg is a good username.
If you want to know more about SexyCyborg, you are welcomed to leave your comment, I will update this post as soon as possible when I know more about her.
sexy Chinese female hacker Wu Naomi wears high boots and tight tunic tops