The free qualified web services you should have a try after you really can visit the internet with FREEDOM

the good websites and apps you should have a try after you can visit the internet FREELY.

the freedom of internet means opportunity to everyone, equally.


gmail, or googlemail, which is the best free email service

youtube, the most popular videos-sharing website, with different opinions.

twitter, a popular website for people to share their voices and stories to the whole internet

dropbox, which help you to store files on the web, so you do not have to take your devices all the time.

google play store, if you use android phones, google play store will help to download and install the apps, just do not download android apps from chinese sharing websites any more.

chrome, opera and firefox, install one or more of these web browsers on your devices~both desktop and phone, any of them is much better than the chinese web browsers, and with less boring ads.

pinterest and instagram, fresh websites for you to share your photos and memories.

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