android free vpn to google in cn~vpn robot

firstly, this vpn works at my android phone.

vpn robot is one free good android vpn proxy app, which will help you to access websites blocked by cn gov

  • with many servers from different countries, such as singapore, canada, india, united states, netherlands, germany and united kingdoms. 节点多
  • its speed is fast 速度快
  • unlimited bandwidth 不限速

you can download vpn robot at google play by searching its name "vpn robot".

how to use it to access blocked sites such as google and youtube?
after you have installed it on your android phone, you yet can not use it.
how to use it? you should change your phone's language as traditional chinese or english, then it will be work. 将手机系统语言修改为非简体才可以使用vpn robot.

Note: Free VPNs are generally not stable, you have to spend a lot of time and energy on which one is working.