Psiphon Free VPN cn 赛风

更新:赛风现在也不好用了,不推荐使用了,如欲购买好用的付费V PN,这里了解详情。
UPDATE: now Psiphon is unstable in china mainland, you should better buy a good vpn.

Psiphon is a free VPN provider located in Canada, of course, it also provide paid VPN service.
At the first time, I do not trust it because I hear about that its provider is a anti-cngov organization, I am not sure about this.
But I tried to install it at my Android device, it does not any special access to my phone but read the apps lists which I can deny after installation.
And I should say Psiphon free VPN really works in cn. Windows, Android and Apple iOS all are supported.
We can directly download Psiphon free VPN from its official website or