Where and How to Buy Bitcoin via PayPal or Bank Account?

UPDATE: virwox is closed

Firstly, make it clear that never spend too much money you can not afford to lose on digital currencies, because nobody can exactly tell you the future.

this is an answer about bitcoin at Qora.com
when bitcoin price is dropping, it is the time to buy it.
digital currency just is a gambling, nobody can exactly tell you its future, maybe it is the future, but it is always your choice to buy/sell or not
why not spend $ 100 on it? no matter bitcoin is an opportunity or not. 
at last, it is YOUR choice.

I read someone said that Bitcoin is VALUABLE, it is the digital gold, even more valuable than gold.
So I choose to have a try to believe bitcoin is the digital gold, maybe it is an opportunity, why not?

However, nobody can exactly tell you the future about bitcoin, so it is your choice to decide to buy/invest/sell bitcoin or not.
so never spend too much money at digital currencies that you can't afford to lose, which is one very important principle.

bitcoin price is already equal to 10,000 US dollars, POSSIBLY, bitcoin price will continue to rise in the future

This article simply guide you how to buy Bitcoin via your PayPal or credit bank card account. i will show you two platforms where you can buy bitcoin with your paypal or bank account.

method 1, virwox was closed, you can buy bitcoin at VirWox.com, which is a independent virtual currencies exchange, I have used it several times to cash my bitcoin into USD, so you can trust it.

  1. Transfer your USD into VirWox.com via PayPal or bank card 从paypal或者银行卡转账美元到VirWox
  2. Buy SSL with USD 用美元买SSL
  3. Buy Bitcoin with SSL 用SSL买bitcoin

method 2, you can buy bitcoin via paypal or credit bank card at localbitcoins.com which is a popular P2P bitcoin exchange market.

* LocalBitcoins and PayPal may charge some fees during your transactions

*Earn free bitcoin
I also recommend you to buy/sell digital currencies(BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC) at coinbase, via this link, once you buy or sell $100 (¥641) of digital currency or more at coinbase, we will both get $10 (¥64) of free bitcoin. And it also supports PayPal.