What is SSL(Second Life Lindens)?

I came to know SSL when I needed to withdraw my Bitcoin at VirWox, but honestly I do not know what is SSL exactly until today.

SSL is money.
SSL(Second Life Lindens) is a digital currency of a online virtual game-Second Life(SL game), the game users can buy and sell via SSL. 1 USD is about 270 SSL.

Of course, I am not a SS user, but I can buy SSL with Bitcoin at VirWox, then I can sell SSL into USD, and withdraw my USD into my PayPal or bank card.

How to withdraw the money you earn at Steemit into USD in your PayPal or bank card?

SSL是一个虚拟游戏-第二人生 Second Life中流通的虚拟货币,也就是游戏币,在游戏中,用户可以使用SSL来买卖东西,一美元大概值270个SSL