yes, golden frog VyprVPN works well in china

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Does golden frog's VyprVPN work effectively in China?

Hi, yes VyprVPN works well in China. It’s one of our strongest markets, however, Chameleon which makes our service successful there only comes with our Premium plan. If a user signs up for a trial account and they choose the basic plan then they could have issues using the service in China.

VyprVPN’s effectiveness in China? As we at VyprVPN are the only VPN provider to own and operate 100% of our network infrastructure for VyprVPN, we are able to maintain quality of service and actively monitor engagement from our users. Additionally, this provides us with flexibility to establish changes in the rare event our services are blocked in China, as expressed on our official blog.

The trial period gives users the same access as the full account plan they are signing up for, but like I said if users are signing up and testing the service with the basic plan in China they’ll probably encounter issues as our Premium account is the one that is popular in China because of the Chameleon protocol that is included in the Premium plan.

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